Board of Directors


Mission Statement 


The Glenwood Community School District Board of Directors pledges its commitment to these guiding principles to foster the unity and enthusiasm of all District personnel in our common pursuit of developing each student to their highest achievement potential:


  • Listen to and respect each others' opinions -- value the life experiences that Board Members bring to the position; be supportive of one another as peers, even when there is disagreement.

  • Demonstrate confidentiality; work toward building trust both within the Board and with constituents.

  • Adhere to Board Policies; if policy changes are needed, use established policy to make changes.  Follow chain of command.

  • Work harder to be informed -- focus on Board development.
We encourage our community to participate in board meetings and want our patrons to know how to participate.  Please click on the link below for guidance.

Public Participation

‚ÄčBoard of Directors