Dress Code

Glenwood Community School District students are expected to wear appropriate attire that is not disruptive to the educational environment. Appropriate clothing is not offensive, distracting, or a safety concern. Student appearance should be of high enough standards as to contribute positively to the general learning environment.

Violations of the student dress code include (but are not limited to):

  • Clothing that advertises or promotes alcohol, tobacco, and other illegal substances and/or displays profanity, obscenities, sexual behavior or innuendoes are unacceptable.
  • Students are prohibited from wearing clothing that promotes racism, discrimination, violence, or gang related activity.
  • Shoes shall be worn at all times (slippers and shoes with retractable wheels are not allowed).
  • Hats, caps, other head coverings, and sunglasses will not be worn in the building.
  • Boys may not wear tank tops/muscle shirts to school.
  • Short-shorts, midriff shirts, spaghetti-strap tops, tube tops, or tops revealing undergarments or bare skin are not allowed.
  • Sports bras must not be seen.
  • Any garment that displays excessive cleavage.
  • Offensive or obscene lettering and/or pictures on clothing will not be permitted.
  • Clothing torn in such a manner as to reveal undergarments will not be permitted.
  • Baggy shorts or jeans worn below the waistline will not be permitted (underwear should not show).
  • Chains used to attach keys or wallets should not be visible.

Coaches and sponsors ordering additional attire for teams or groups must adhere to the dress code and get prior approval from administration.

The administration reserves the right to censor any clothing which may be deemed offensive in nature and causes disruptions to the learning environment. Students who violate these rules will not be permitted into class until appropriate changes have been made.