Public Participation

The public is welcome to attend School Board meetings, workshops and public hearings. Members of the public may participate in regular School Board meetings by speaking during the Public Forum.
Public Forum
Before the meeting is called to order, members of the public may sign up to speak during the Public Forum period. The Public Forum sign up cards are located on a table next to the school board agendas.

During the Public Forum side, you will be asked to stand and state your name for the record before sharing your thoughts. Although a timer is not used, please limit your comments to approximately three minutes.

If your concern involves personnel or other individuals, the board encourages you to follow the district's communication channel because speaking at a public meeting about a person may be unlawful. Typically, the communication channel involves talking with the individual first, followed by the principal, and then the superintendent. If a personnel or non-personnel issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, then you may request that it be placed on a future board agenda by either contacting the superintendent or any school board member.

As always, the Board of Directors encourages you to contact them via phone or emails. Email addresses are located on the school district website, and our phone numbers are listed in the book.

School Board Response to Public Forum Comments
The School Board takes into consideration comments made by the public at meetings and hearings. Questions, concerns and requests directed to the board will usually be deferred pending administrative and board consideration.