School Age

Welcome to School Age Kid Care!

Jumping ropeKID CARE provides daycare for school-age children before and after school, early dismissals, vacation days, and summer vacations. The center offers programming in a wide variety of settings, both educational and recreational.

We provide children with opportunities to seek and apply skills acquired in areas of their own choosing. By creating ample opportunities for self-selection of activities, staff guides participants as they develop their abilities to direct their own learning and enrichment. In promoting self-selection, we provide a balance to the school day by giving children many experiences at the other end of the control-and-structure continuum.

Initiative and effective decision-making, thinking, reasoning, questioning, and experimentation skills are also fostered when school-agers are allowed to select their own activities. Choice predominates at Kid's Place. We do not require children to do homework, nor are we a formal educational extension of the school day. If a child chooses to work on homework, we will provide the assistance and atmosphere the child needs to accomplish his/her goal.