MS Athletics

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Glenwood Middle School is committed to a co-curricular and developmentally appropriate athletic program. Participation in athletics at GMS allows students to develop many desirable characteristics; such as pride, skill development, self-esteem, team work, self-confidence, leadership, commitment, and respect. Research shows that students who participate in school athletics do better in the classroom and have a lower incidence of getting into trouble. We, therefore, encourage and support as much participation in interscholastic athletics (and school activities) as possible.

Middle school athletics occur at an important time in the lives of participants. Students, at this time, are undergoing profound and emotional changes. At the same time, many students are determining their future in interscholastic athletics. Some are content to participate at their current level of effort and commitment, while others are anxious to commit to a more rigorous and demanding level of participation. Accordingly, Glenwood Middle School strives to provide an excellent athletic program designed to meet this wide range of student abilities and needs.

Recognizing the unique developmental needs of the middle level student, GMS promotes activities that build student success through active participation, increased skill building, and positive sportsmanship.


  • Provide opportunities for everyone to participate
  • Balance competition with cooperation
  • Encourage lifelong participation in activities
  • Provide positive socialization opportunities

Skill Building

  • Develop age appropriate skills
  • Focus on fundamentals
  • Develop skills as a foundation for improvement
  • Hone skills for use at the varsity level


  • Develop a positive team attitude
  • Encourage, cooperate, and collaborate with peers
  • Present positive adult role models that demonstrate self control and respect
  • Win and lose graciously
  • Hold to a high standard of leadership and citizenship in representing our school
  • Respect the efforts, abilities, and rights of others (opponents, teammates, coaches, and officials).

Communication between all parties involved is important. Students and parents should feel free to communicate with coaches and administration regarding concerns; however, it is important that this communication be respectful and appropriate. Parent concerns should be expressed privately, in an appropriate place, and at an appropriate time. For example, directly before, during, or after a game or practice is not the best time for such a conference. We encourage parents to make an appointment with coaches and administrators if there is a concern.

Glenwood Middle School provides its students with a wonderful array of co-curricular athletic activities. Our talented and dedicated coaching staff is committed to making the most of these opportunities for our students. We look forward to working with all involved for the continued growth of our student athletes.