Tech FAQ

1) Q My computer doesn't work - what do I do first?

    A First, restart the machine. (Not log off - but restart) If it still doesn't work, submit a tech work order to have someone look at your issue!

2) Q What do I do if I can't log onto my computer?

     A Try logging onto another machine. If this does not work - have someone submit a tech work order.

3) Q I can't get my email!

    A Try using the web based email first (Available on Quick Links above), then try another computer.

4) Q I don't have Internet!

    ACheck to see if the network cable (the one that looks like a telephone cord) is plugged into the wall and into the computer. A green light should appear next to this connection on the back of the computer.

5) Q What do I do with school technology parts which I no longer want in my area?

    A First, submit a tech work order. Second, move the item to the media center computer labs for pick up. High School needs to place theirs in Mr. Johnson's room. The tech team will pick up the tech parts.